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December 27, 2013
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Birthday Giveaway! CLOSED

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 7:58 PM

EDIT: THIS IS NOW CLOSED!!! WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ASAP! And I also might as well use this giveaway to celebrate 2000 watchers too! :la: thank you guys so much for all the help and support! :) 

Wooohoo because my birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks, let's have a quick giveaway! ;p you can win premium membership, points, art, and more! 

Deadline: January 11th (my birthday) :party:

Bullet; Red You must be Added to my devWatch!-ing me! I will always have giveaways and contests in the future so if you want a chance for more points, I would say don't unwatch me Sweating a little...

:bulletred: Make a journal or poll about this giveaway and post a comment with the link to it. Sorry I know everyone hates doing this, but it's good to spread the word! :eager: by darkmoon3636
:bulletblue: No plz, alternate, or double accounts! :police:
:bulletred: No spamming, trolling, being rude, etc.
:bulletblue: I would also encourage you to be active because I wouldn't want to give a PM to someone who won't use it....

And that's it! I am a dummy!

:trophy: Prizes:

:pointr: 3 month premium membership (or 636 :points: )
:pointr: A free commission of your choice from my commission journal
:pointr: 1 year feature on my profile

:pointr: 1 month premium membership (or 396 :points: )
:pointr: 3 month feature on my profile

And then FIVE other deviants will EACH win 100 :points:!!!!!

Good luck to those who enter! Thumbs Up

1. :iconpactmaker:PactMaker
These are my official commission prices for paying with points! :)
Some Information:
:bulletred: I will do anime, a bit of anthro, and any type of animal. ;p
:bulletwhite: I will choose between full-body or half-body, but 99% of the time, it will be FULL-BODY. (Unless it is the traditional sketch which will most likely be half body) ^^;
:bulletred: Once you request a commission, you pay AFTER I submit it!
:bulletwhite: Also, just a little note from experience: for sketches/line-arts, the more complex the character, the better!
:bulletred: And boys for me dont always turn out right fyi. :nod:
:pointr:30 :points::iconnaturedivider1plz: Lineart(digital):

:pointr: 50 :points::iconnaturedivider1plz:Traditional Half-body:

[Point Right] 50 :point
Want to be Featured?Do you just really want to have yourself and your art featured? Well you can do that just by donating a few points
:meow: I will feature you at the top of my profile so everyone can see it AND I will select TWO of your deviations to feature in a special journal as well!!!! :meow:
So here is the list for the features:
:bulletgreen: 1-5 :points: 1 week
:bulletred: 6-15 :points: 1 month
:bulletgreen: 16-25 :points: 3 months
:bulletred: 26-49 :points: 1 year
[Bullet; Green] 50+ FOREVER!!!!! :D
[Bullet; Yellow] Multiple accounts and point donors ARE allowed :)
[Bullet; Yellow] And just so I know you have read the rules, you must say "feature me" in your message for your donation or else I will assume it it a gift!!!!!!!! *****
I hope these prices aren't too high, but THANKS FOR READING! :iconbummi

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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