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August 6


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OC Contest! CLOSED

Wed Aug 6, 2014, 11:09 AM

EDIT: This is CLOSED NOW! Winners will be posted asap~ ;p

So.....Clovis' birthday was August 22nd and converted to human years, he's about 40 years old ^^; but his aging will slow down a bit now haha

Anyways, as a celebration, I shall hold a CONTEST! Yes, a contest; NOT a giveaway. And it will be my biggest yet. :wow: All you have to do, is draw my OC. Clovis included! And you could win 1500 :points: and more!!!!

The objective: You must draw my OC(s). I will include descriptions below for each of them and you will need to draw one or more of them.

However, in your drawing, you must include Clovis in his cat form. For example, one of my OCs may be holding him in her lap, feeding him, playing with him, etc but Clovis must be in the picture. :meow:

:pointr:Deadline: November 25th :eager:

:silentkitty:MY OCs

:bulletblue: Emily
Emily (OC) by Clovis-thecutestcatEmily (OC) by Clovis-thecutestcat
:bulletred: Do not draw the fabric she is holding. it's just some random thing I added^^;
:bulletgreen: She loves flowers, especially pink carnations.
:bulletred: She's more a "cute" type of person if you know what I mean and loves cats! :meow:

:bulletblue: Starra
Starra (OC) by Clovis-thecutestcatRaffle Prize by McCuddly
:bulletred: I would prefer you not to draw the leggings but if you must, then I won't object.
:bulletgreen: She loves stars, waving her wand, the color blue, and night.

:bulletblue: Clovis

Raffle Prize 2/3 - Clovis by fuiyuunClovis (OC) by Clovis-thecutestcat
:bulletred: He has :bulletblue: BLUE eyes (a pretty kind) and silver/white hair with a hint of blue/purple.
:bulletgreen: He is friends with both Emily and Starra but not in a romantic way.
:bulletred: His favorites include the colors blue or purple, fishing, snow at night,  and cats.
One of his outfits:GP: Custom Outfit - Clovis-cutestkitten by Amuchia
HIS ANIMAL FORM: ****must be included in the entry
Blue Eyes Contest Entry by xXCougarXxFrom above by zenrha
:bulletred: He is a Siamese Seal Point purebred cat ;p
:bulletgreen: His eyes are a beautiful blue, and he has blackish/brown paws, tail, ears, and nose along with a cream colored fur coat.
:bulletred: He loves playing with yarn, watching Starra's wand, and fish.

:bulletred: Yes, Clovis has two forms, an animal one and a human one. For this contest, you CAN draw both his animal and human form together...but think of a creative way to put them together in one drawing ^^;
:bulletgreen: You may choose ONLY to draw Clovis in his animal form too if you can't draw people.

:police: Now, onto the rules.
:bulletpurple: Any form of visual media is allowed. Literature is not. You may do traditional, digital, pixel art (though preferable not icon), etc.
:bulletred: You may submit up to TWO entries. That is all.
:bulletpurple: The artwork must be created by YOU. No bases or collabs.
:bulletred: No gore, romance, mature/inappropriate content, etc.
:bulletpurple: Entries will be judged by effort, creativity, and skill.
:bulletred: You MUST include a link to this contest in your entry.
:bulletpurple: You may choose to watch me but it is not mandatory. You will just be able to see the updates for the contest. :)
:bulletred: Please do not dramatically change the OC designs; however, you may tweek Clovis' (human) outfit a LITTLE if you really need to.
:bulletpurple: You MAY draw multiple characters in one. I encourage you to! :) the more characters, the more effort, the higher chance of winning. ^^
:bulletred: And finally, have fun with the entries! :) I'd love to see what you come up with! ;p

:trophy: And now.....for the PRIZES!!!

:bulletgreen: 1500 :points: from me
:bulletblue: A free commission of choice from me
:bulletgreen: 1 year feature from me
:bulletblue: Watch and 10 faves from me
:bulletgreen: Animal pixel icon from zenrha
:bulletblue: Free fullbody Commission with simple background from ChilledFrost
:bulletgreen: Forever feature from devinantartpoints
:bulletblue: Fullbody PNG commission from EL-DaGreat
:bulletgreen: Fullbody from LovesWolves114
:bulletblue: One full colored drawing of any character from tinta-estudio
:bulletgreen: 65 points, a llama, and 10 faves from MagpieTriangulation
:bulletblue: watch, a llama, 5 favorites, and 4 free requests from Softleaf12

:bulletgreen: 800 :points: from me
:bulletblue: A free commission of choice from me
:bulletgreen: 3 month feature from me
:bulletblue: Watch and 5 faves from me
:bulletgreen: Animal pixel icon from zenrha
:bulletblue: watch, a llama, and a free request from Softleaf12
:bulletgreen: 1 year feature from devinantartpoints
:bulletblue: Halfbody PNG commission from EL-DaGreat
:bulletgreen: Headshot from LovesWolves114
:bulletblue: One b/w colored drawing of any character from tinta-estudio
:bulletgreen: 35 points, a llama, and 3 faves from MagpieTriangulation

:bulletgreen: 500 :points: from me
:bulletblue: 1 month feature from me
:bulletgreen: Animal pixel icon from zenrha
:bulletblue: One shaded colored drawing of any character from tinta-estudio
:bulletgreen: 5 month feature from devinantartpoints
:bulletblue: Headshot PNG commission from EL-DaGreat
:bulletgreen: Chibi from LovesWolves114
:bulletblue: 3 Requests from Softleaf12

:bulletblue: 200 :points: from me
:bulletgreen: Animal pixel icon from zenrha
:bulletblue: Llama and watch from Softleaf12
:bulletgreen: 11 week feature from devinantartpoints
:bulletblue: Watch and llama from EL-DaGreat
:bulletgreen: Chibi from LovesWolves114

:pointr: If you would like to contribute any prizes, feel free to note me! :) Any donation would be considered! ^^
Total points contributed: 3000 :points:

:pointr:Deadline: November 25th :eager:

Aaaaand......we're going to have a mini-giveaway to go along with the contest!!! :w00t: All you have to do to enter, is make a journal featuring this contest and link it back to the comments here. :)
100 :points: 
Unlimited food tailed kitty customs (closed species) from Grasssatrand

Winner will be determined by and announced along with the contest winners.

Thanks for reading! 
And have fun! I look forward to seeing your entries! :la:
If you are interested in entering, please :+fav: the journal and/or comment below! ;p I'd love to see how many people are interested ^^

:iconnaturedivider1plz:View Entries Here:iconnaturedivider1plz:

Point Commissions CLOSEDEDIT: I've added a new type of commission! :)
2. :icontosshiotaku:
3. +15 halfbody sketches
These are my official commission prices for paying with points! :)
Some Information:
:bulletwhite: I do not draw anything violent, bloody, or inappropriate. No muscles, extreme yaoi and yuri...
:bulletred: I will ONLY do ANIME and PEOPLE:police: if you suggest an animal, anthro, or anything else, I will decline.
:bulletwhite: I will choose between full-body or half-body, but 99% of the time, it will be FULL-BODY. (Unless it is the traditional sketch which will most likely be half body) ^^;
:bulletred: If possible at all, please pay your commission using the commission widget on my profile :)
:bulletwhite: Also, just a little note from experience: for sketches/line-arts, the more complex the character, the better!
:bulletred: And boys for me dont always turn out right fyi. :nod:
:pointr:50 :points::iconnaturedivider1plz: Digital Headshot:
Want to be Featured?A new updated journal! :la:
Do you just really want to have yourself and your art featured? Well you can do that just by donating a few points! 
:meow: I will feature you at the top of my profile so everyone can see it AND I will select TWO of your deviations to feature in a special journal as well!!!! :meow:
So here is the list for the features:
:bulletgreen: 1-5 :points: 1 week
:bulletred: 6-15 :points: 1 month
:bulletgreen: 16-25 :points: 3 months
:bulletred: 26-49 [Points] 1 year
[Bullet; Green] 50+ FOREVER!!!!! :D
[Bullet; Yellow] Multiple accounts and point donors ARE allowed :)
[Bullet; Yellow] And just so I know you have read the rules, you must say "feature me" in your message for your donation or else I will assume it it a gift!!!!!!!! *****
Special journals for features



Here is a collection of my favourite deviations. :snowflake:

Summer Dreams by Clovis-thecutestcatShades of Grey by Clovis-thecutestcatDemonic by Clovis-thecutestcatBread of Life by Clovis-thecutestcatStepping Stones (Ink) by Clovis-thecutestcat



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OC Contest! CLOSEDby Clovis-thecutestcat

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happy birthday clovis!!
The-Tabbycat-Witch Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Ah man! I thought this was due tonight for some reason. Oh well. Good luck to everyone who entered :)
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here is my entry! gomen for posting it last min. ; 3 ;
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